How Home Automation Makes Your Life Easy

From cooking dinner to checking on your furry family, home automation makes your life easy. These high tech gadgets simplify your life at home and protect it while you are away. They can help conserve energy, save time, and give you peace of mind.

The number of North American families with smart home devices continues to increase. In 2014, there were ten million households with a smart home system. In 2019 that number is predicted to rise to thirty-eight million.

Home automation helps you control anything in your home. With smart appliances, smart lights, smart thermostats and many other devices connected to the internet, you can manage your life and make it more efficient.

The wide variety of smart devices on the market can seem overwhelming, but it shouldn’t. Anyone can turn his or her home into a smart home one device at a time. You don’t have to hire anyone to do it for you. Many of these devices are simple enough to configure and set up.

Here are a few ways home automation makes your life easy:

Checking on Your Pet

Many products focus on keeping your pet safe and happy, and they give you peace of mind by allowing you to check in at any time. You can set up wireless cameras and stream the feed so you can watch them from your office. Some of these cameras also allow for two way audio so you can hear your dog barking and provide comfort to your pet by talking to it.

Other products initiate email notifications when they detect motion in a specified area, so you know every time your pet wanders outside of the boundaries you set. You can retrieve stats like how often your dog uses the doggy door, or how many times your dog scratched at the door.

Any wireless security camera will do the trick, but choosing one specifically for monitoring pets gives you a wider variety of customization options to suit your needs.

Keep Your Home Clean

Automatic cleaning devices like vacuums sweep your home while you’re away, ensuring you never have to vacuum again. The built-in camera allows it to map your house, so it knows where it’s been and where it needs to go. It’s also smart enough to know where the stairs are and stays away, so it doesn’t fall.

Connecting it to an app on your phone enables you to schedule cleanings, start an impromptu sweep to prepare for a last minute visit from friends, or stop it from cleaning if you are coming home early. This clever piece of home automation takes one of your least favorite chores off of your list.

Program a Personal Assistant

Devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo allow you to program a personal assistant to recognize your voice, remember your schedule, and do things according to when it knows you need it. You can listen to your favorite radio stations, get news, weather, and traffic reports on command, and control other smart home devices connected to it.

Because personal assistants are controlled by your voice, you don’t have to lift a finger to do anything. You can tell it to make your coffee, change the temperature in your home, or turn the light off in the kitchen when you forget.

Water Plants

Smart devices can also water your plants. Just install them in your house plants and set a schedule, so you never forget to water them again. This home automation tracks the amount of water used, and if you connect them to a moisture sensor, you can tell when they’re getting too much.

Cook Dinner

Wi-Fi enabled slow cookers allow you to start or stop your cooking while you’re at work. You can adjust the temperature and the cook time; and if you get held up at work longer than usual, you can turn it off so it won’t burn. Avoiding an overcooked or cold meal is one of the stressors of working full time. These home automation appliances cook dinner for you, so you save both time and frustration.

Prevent Flooding

Home automation devices can help you detect and monitor water leaks to prevent flooding. You can install these devices anywhere that is prone to leaking, in a place where you previously had a problem, or on a pipe you suspect is leaking but you haven’t seen it in action yet.

They detect movement, moisture, and changes in temperature, helping them to identify when something is leaking. You can set up alarms to notify you of leak detection, so you know how serious it is and what you need to do about it.

Home Automation for Everyone

There are home automation devices for every person and every need. Set up home automation to help out with the most frustrating or time-consuming tasks, so you have more time to spend with friends or family. Never fear who takes care of your house while you go on vacation with devices that can monitor and alert you to anything amiss.

Add home automation as you see fit and customize it completely for your needs. You can always add more, tweak it later, and continue to improve your lifestyle with easy home automation ideas.