How to Effectively Execute a Free Sample Give Away Plan

When it comes to free sample marketing, effective execution is everything. It doesn’t matter how great your plan is if it isn’t well executed. On the other hand, even a mediocre plan that’s executed well can have phenomenal returns. Here’s how to effectively execute a free sample marketing plan.

Practice the Give Away Presentation

People often think that because they’re giving away something for, so the presentation isn’t important. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The difference between someone giving away a free product with excitement and a person giving the same product away for free with boredom is enormous. The former announces that it’s your lucky day – you got something very valuable for free! The latter announces that the product has no value in the first place.

Practice the energy you want your team to have when they’re giving away the free product. Focus on smiling and being enthusiastic. People should get excited about trying your product before it’s even in their hands.

Give them the Next Step

If people like your product, you should make it a piece of cake for them to take the next step. If you’re giving out ice cream in a mall, make sure you tell people where they can find your store. If you’re giving away free product samples at a convention, make sure you tell people where they can place a larger order. If you’re giving away free one-week gym memberships, make sure people know how they can sign up for a longer membership.

If you have an effective follow-up plan, the “next step” might simply be to wait for your next contact. However, if the lead generation business model doesn’t truly apply to your business, you must make sure people know what the next step is if they want more.

Co-Ordinate Metrics With Your Team

Everyone on your team should know what a success is and what a failure is. For example, your goal might be to collect 10 leads for every $100 of products given away. The staff on your team needs to know this success metric, or they’ll just keep giving products away even if it’s losing your company money.

Your team needs to be trained in what the important metrics are so they can change things on the go. It also creates a team spirit. You all have the same goal that you’re shooting for. It creates a sense of shared purpose and causes everyone to work harder.

The Daily Review

Most free sample campaigns aren’t single-day campaigns. A trade show might last 3 days, or a free giveaway campaign at a specific location (E.g. gyms, Farmer’s Market, mall entrance, etc) may last as long as a week. At the end of every day, ask your staff: What worked about the campaign? What didn’t work? What did they notice people tend to get excited about? The people who have direct contact with customers generally have the best ideas for improving campaigns. Talk to your people daily to see what’s working and what’s not. Improve your process incrementally every day.

Metrics Review: Increasing Your ROI

Measure your sales funnel and look for areas where it’s weak.

For example, your free giveaway campaign might be successfully bringing in a lot of leads. The email followup campaigns successfully get a lot of people to purchase low-end products. However, your salespeople who make calls directly are having a hard time closing people on higher-end sales.

If that happens, there are a few things you can look at:

  • Are you targeting the right people? Are you targeting the people who can afford your higher end products?
  • Is your sales staff competent? Do they need more training on closing high-end sales? Or do you need to bring in more outside sales talent to help improve your team?
  • Consider asking your customers why they didn’t buy. Just call them up and ask them. Most of them would be very happy to give you some feedback.

Use metrics to review your entire free sample marketing campaign. Do this often. Figure out what’s working and what’s not. Identify the weak links in your marketing funnel and aim to fix them as quickly as possible.

In free sample marketing, execution is everything.  Make sure your product is delivered with enthusiasm, make sure your customer knows what the next step is, get your team on the same page, review daily and examine your sales funnel using metrics. These tips together will almost guarantee a successful giveaway campaign.